Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Individual Plan for Employment

After an individual has been determined eligible for services, the vocational rehabilitation counselor will talk to the individual (now consumer) about job interests and help her or him decide on an employment goal. This may require the vocational rehabilitation counselor to further assess the individual’s strengths, abilities, limitations and interests to help ensure an appropriate vocational goal. The goal of this planning process is the development of an Individualized Plan for Employment.  The Individualized Plan for Employment will be a ‘roadmap’ for the consumer to follow to reach her or his vocational goal. It is a plan for services leading to an employment outcome. The individual has the option of developing and writing all or part of the Individualized Plan for Employment with the assistance of the counselor, developing the Individualized Plan for Employment alone without assistance, or developing it with the assistance of representative of her or his choice. The Individualized Plan for Employment must be executed on the Agency approved form. The following elements must be included in the Individualized Plan for Employment, as appropriate:

• the specific employment outcome (vocational goal) in the most integrated setting based on the informed choice of the individual;
• the date the employment plan is estimated to be completed;
• the specific services to be provided in order to achieve the employment outcome;
• who will provide each service;
• the beginning date for each service;
• if supported employment services are to be provided, the provider of the extended on-going support services;
• the criteria for evaluating progress and success;
• the responsibilities of the consumer;
• the responsibilities of the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

The Individualized Plan for Employment must be mutually agreed upon, as must any necessary amendments to it, and must be signed jointly by the consumer and by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation counselor and, as appropriate, by a parent, guardian, or other representative. The Individualized Plan for Employment is reviewed with the consumer at least annually.

A copy of the Individualized Plan for Employment, including any amendments and the intended employment outcome, is provided to the individual and/or, as appropriate, the parent, guardian, or other representative. It must be provided in the individual’s native language or mode of communication if necessary for the full participation of the individual with a disability.

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Last Updated 6/17/2014