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Ex-Offender Resources

Working with consumers who are also ex-offenders presents special challenges in providing job placement services.  It is important to fully understand the consumers’ circumstances so that you can prepare them for the challenges they will be facing.  These individuals may face multiple barriers to setting and reaching employment goals, including substance abuse, poor work history, low education levels, physical and mental health issues and bias against them.  The resources found on this page will assist the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation staff in preparing ex-offenders for the labor market while meeting employers’ demands for qualified labor.


Please review this link for additional information:  Ex-Offenders [MS Word - 36kb]


Criminal Records Checks

In order to send an electronic request for a Criminal Background Check, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation staff may register with the Kentucky Court of Justice.  Staff may also make a request by filling out the form PT-49.  There is no charge for this service since the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation is a government agency, but the tax-exempt number must be included.


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Instructions for Online Records Request [PDF - 328kb]


Records Request Form PT-49 [MS Word - 30kb]


For additional resources to assist in understanding the Kentucky court system and how to read a criminal record, please reference the following:


Quick Reference Guide to Kentucky Court [MS Word - 25kb]


Kentucky Courtnet Reference [MS Word - 24kb]


Commonly Used Court Terms [MS Word - 22kb]



The term expungement means that the proceedings in the case are considered to have never occurred.  Upon expungement, all records of the case are sealed and the case is taken off the person’s official court record.  All references to the case in any other records are to be deleted.  Upon inquiry, all parties (including the courts) are to respond that no record of the case exists.  The person whose record is expunged shall not be required to disclose the case in regard to application for employment, credit or other type of application.

Rules for Expungement in Kentucky [MS Word - 22kb]

431.078 Expungement of convictions [PDF - 8kb]

Petition to Expunge Convictions [ PDF - 101kb]

431.076 Expungement of dismissals and acquittals [PDF - 8kb]

Petition to Expunge Acquittals and Dismissals [PDF - 380kb]

Child Abuse and Neglect Registry

The central Child Abuse and Neglect Registry report indicates if an individual has a substantiated report of child abuse or neglect.  Employers use it as a screener when hiring individuals in the fields of day care, childcare, social work, mental health, or working with persons with disabilities.  Any time we are providing guidance to individuals who are seeking positions that involve direct and personal care of children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities, it is important to make the individuals aware that a report of this nature may be requested by their employer. 

Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Instructions [MS Word - 23kb]

Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Request Form [MS Word - 64kb]


Last Updated 5/21/2014